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What is RigeneraMI?

RigeneraMI is a charitable project dedicated to the collection, regeneration and donation of electronic devices to promote sustainability and digital inclusion .

How can I contribute to the RigeneraMI project?

You can contribute by donating electronic devices that are no longer used , participating as a volunteer in service days, or supporting the project by sharing it with friends, relatives and colleagues .

Where do refurbished devices go?

Refurbished devices are donated to schools, non-profit organizations and individuals in need , both locally and internationally.

Where and when can I donate?

It is possible to donate directly to the CAM of Lampugnano (Milan, Via Lampugnano 145) during a day of service (usually one Saturday a month). The calendar of events is available here.

For donated lots exceeding 5 PCs , you can write to us at to coordinate and agree on a collection method.

Which PCs are good?

All PCs running Windows 7 onwards (therefore also Windows 8, 10 and 11). Devices that have older operating systems installed are often too old (over 20 years). Apple Mac devices from 2010 and later are also accepted.

Desktop or laptop PC?

Both types are fine, as long as they are not too old ( maximum 15 years old , i.e. Windows 7 onwards).

What type of devices can be donated?

Case – mid-tower (i.e. the actual PCs in the case of fixed PCs), monitors , power cables, mice , keyboards , network cables, HDMI and VGA cables to connect the cases to the monitors, laptop PCs , webcams , headphones and speaker boxes. We also accept Android or iPad tablets up to 5 years old and TVs (flat screen televisions, even old ones, of any size).

When is the service day (volunteering)?

How can I participate as a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, you can contact us directly for more information on upcoming days of service.

Has RigeneraMI received recognition or patronage?

Yes, RigeneraMI was recognized as the Best Service in the Rotaract 2041 District and received the patronage of the Municipality of Milan . We also obtained a District Grant and presented the project at the Calabria Region , in the presence of leading institutional figures such as the Minister of Education and the President of the Calabria Region. Furthermore, the Project was also present at COP28 in Dubai, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

What is the environmental impact of the project?

Through the regeneration of the devices, we have avoided the emission of more then 63,000 kg of CO2 , significantly contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. Comparable to having planted more then 2,900 trees .

How can I stay updated on RigeneraMI's activities?

You can join our community on WhatsApp , ask to be included in the newsletter regarding the progress of the work (by contacting us at ) and regularly visit our website for the latest news and updates.

How can I contact RigeneraMI for further information?

For any questions or information, you can contact us via the email address or via the contact form on our website .

Come garantisce RigeneraMI la sicurezza della privacy dei dati contenuti nei dispositivi donati?

RigeneraMI prende molto sul serio la privacy e la sicurezza dei dati contenuti nei dispositivi donati. Prima di ricondizionare qualsiasi dispositivo, eseguiamo una completa formattazione avanzata dei dati utilizzando software certificati che rispettano gli standard di sicurezza internazionali. Inoltre, consigliamo ai donatori di eseguire un backup ed una cancellazione dei dati personali prima della donazione. 
Infine, qualora il PC monti un hard disk, sostituiamo lo stesso con un SSD. In ogni caso, accettiamo donazioni di PC senza hard disk, se voleste tenere con voi i vostri dati.

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